We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the following sources:

Neuron Fund for Support of Science

Impulse grant in Physics 2014

Bioinspired light-harvesting systems based on fluorographene

Czech Science Foundation (GAČR)

(2018-2020) Grant no. 18-18022S

Graphene-based Biomimetic Light-Harvesting Systems

(2017-2019) Grant no. 17-22160S

Quantum theory of excitation energy transfer and advanced optical spectroscopy: from small dye molecules to light-harvesting complexes

Past funding from GAČR

(2014-2016) Grant no. 14-25752S

Microscopic environmental determinants and self-regulation of photosynthetic energy transfer

(2010-2013) Grant no. P205/10/0989

Molecular complexes as open quantum systems: delocalization, decoherence, dissipation, photoinduced dynamics and ultrafast spectroscopy