Group Seminar

Summer term 2018

Usually Tuesdays, 1:00 PM, Atelier of the Institute of Physics

April 24th 

Ondřej Maršálek


April 17th 

Václav Perlík, Joachim Seibt, Tomáš Mančal, Vladislav Sláma, Pavel Malý

Short talk marathon for Ondřej Maršálek (our group's work overview)

March 14th 

Pavel Jelínek

Special seminar of our guest from FU AV ČR at 10:40 in seminar room F243

March 13th 

Joachim Seibt

Investigation of dissipative excited state dynamics in an excitonic dimer with density matrix propagation and HEOM

March 6th 

Special seminar

Short talk marathon for Richard Stratt

February 27th 

Sayeh Rajabi

Fluorographene with Impurities as a Biomimetic Light-Harvesting Medium





Past Terms

Winter term 2017

Usually Wednesdays, 3:40 PM, Atelier of the Institute of Physics

December 13th 

Vladislav Sláma

Methods for description of environment effects on interaction energies, site transition energy shifts and transition dipoles

December 6th 

Klára Perlíková

The Concept of Duality in Culture and Myths of Lakota Indians 

November 29th 

Sayeh Rajabi

(Quantum) Heat Engines and their relevance to the exciton transfer on Fluorographene

November 15th 

Pavel Malý

Low energy (red) excited states in photosynthesis: origin and function

November 8th 

Joachim Seibt

Description of non-adiabatic coupling and non-Condon effects by using HEOM: Analogies to treatment in a vibronic basis and analytic derivations

November 1st

Tomáš Mančal

Python as a computing platform: Anaconda, Jupyter, Crosscompute and how they can make your computing life hell (of a better experience)

Summer term 2017

Usually Wednesdays, 2:50 PM, Atelier of the Institute of Physics

May 17th

Tomáš Mančal
Photonic Simulator for Molecular Frenkel Excitons


May 10th

Pavel Malý




May 3rd

No seminar; vacations


April 26th

Václav Perlík

 On perylene based molecular systems and their properties



April 19th



April 12th



April 5th

Some people visiting Vienna; seminar cancelled


March 29th

We are on QuEBS 2017 in Jerusalem; seminar cancelled


March 23rd

Special Seminar at the Czech Technical University in Prague, group of prof. I. Jex

Joachim Seibt

Description of non-adiabatic coupling effects by using hierarchical equations of motion

Sayeh Rajabi 

Light-Harvesting through Fluorographene

Tomáš Mančal

Molecular Open Quantum Systems: From Photosynthesis to Photonics

František Šanda


Václav Perlík

Modeling carotenoid to chlorophyll excitation transfer in LH2 using vibronic dimer model


March 22nd 

Sayeh Rajabi

Light-Harvesting through Fluorographene - Progress and Challenges


March 8th

Joachim Seibt

Description of non-adiabatic coupling effects by using hierarchical equations of motion