Principle Investigator

    Tomáš Mančal

    Assistant Professor of Physics

    T: +420 95155 1337

    F: +420 224 92 27 97


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    Hana Roubíčková

    Research Group Secretary

    T: +420 95155 1337

    F: +420 224 92 27 97


    Research Group (as of March 2017)

    Group photo on top of the soccer stadium in Durban, South Africa


    Joachim Seibt



    Diploma in Physics and PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University  
    of Würzburg, Germany.

    Topics: open quantum systems, in particular improvement of methods for  
    the description of relaxation processes in molecular systems;  
    extensions of the "hierarchical equations of motion" (HEOM) approach;  
    two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy

    Funded by: GACR

    Sayeh Rajabi



    PhD in theoretical physics from Perimeter Institute and the University of Waterloo, Canada

    Topics: open quantum systems; thermodynamics in small scales

    Funded by: Neuron Fund for Support of Science




    Vladislav Sláma

    PhD. student in Physics


    Recently at the Johannes Keppler University in Linz, Austria in the group of prof. Thomas Renger

    Funded by: GAČR, GAUK




    Pavel Malý

    PhD. Student in Physics


    Currently at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, group of prof. Rienk van Grondelle

    Shared PhD with VU Amsterdam

    Funded by: GAČR



    Václav Perlík

    PhD. Student (supervisor: prof. František Šanda)

    Funded by GAČR

    Past Members

    Aurelia Chenu

    In our group as a postdoc between 2012-2013. Now (2017) postdoc in the group of Jianshu Cao at MIT.

    Jan Olšina

    PhD. 2014

    In our group as a bachelor, master and PhD. student from ... to 2014. Now Software Design Engineer at Valeo.

    Jan Lalinský

    Master in Physics 2014

    In our group as a bachelor and master student between ... and 2014.

    Vytautas Butkus

    Visiting student on Erasmus program

    In our group during ... 20... Later PhD. from Vilnius University, now at ...